Tory Lewis
Little Rock Location

Pray for the Saamakan people of Suriname- new opportunities for our leaders to share the Gospel this Christmas season, and for the Lord to raise up new leaders.

Dec-02 / last prayer 115m ago
Clay Knox
Conway Location

For God to move radically in my dad’s life— to soften his heart and unveil his eyes, for him to be obedient to what God is calling him to and for true heart transformation.

Nov-27 / last prayer 112m ago
Conway Location

Hi just had to write and say thanks. I’m homeless at 75 and have been getting so many messages. People there are praying for me it makes me want to cry! Truly you have GOD’s heart! GOD richly bless

Dec-03 / last rejoice 4h ago
Jessa Torres
Little Rock Location

An SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin and my friend's niece is currently in the icu with internal bleeding a broken pelvis lacerations on her lungs kidney liver and spleen.

Nov-22 / last prayer 110m ago
JD Holland
Little Rock Location

Our son is having a diagnostic procedure to determine what is causing some bleeding. Please pray for a clear diagnosis and the correct course of treatment. The earliest appt is Dec 17.

Nov-30 / last prayer 114m ago
Wanda Waddell
Little Rock Location

Thankfully all went well with DBS stimulator replacement. After some adjustments today it seem to be working well. Praying for patience in healing from the surgery. Thanks for your prayers.

Dec-07 / last rejoice 116m ago
Conway Location

Praise God that He healed our son! We are rejoicing that the Lord led us to Children’s hospital where they took excellent care of our son. He had RSV and bacterial pneumonia but God healed him!

Nov-17 / last rejoice 112m ago
Little Rock Location

For guidance and ability to clearly see Gods path for me

Dec-07 / last prayer 115m ago
Michael Bond
Little Rock Location

Thank you for your prayers! My brother Micheal Bond is feeling relief of symptoms and able to sleep. I am still praying for complete healing of shingles.

Nov-30 / last rejoice 113m ago
Little Rock Location

My fiancé & I broke up and every day has been heartbreak, questioning whether the reasons we broke up were valid, what God is asking of me, if this was right and how to ever heal.

Nov-27 / last prayer 114m ago
Wanda Waddell
Little Rock Location

Please pray for my wife’s surgery to replace Deep Brain Stimulation control box Monday 12-6-21. DBS controls Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Dec-05 / last prayer 115m ago
Cornish Family
Saline County Location

Prayers need for my household. We all have COVID and we have no income. Needing a small miracle, I've been off work for six weeks recovering from surgery.

Dec-01 / last prayer 110m ago